If "simpler is better", then check out The CLIP™, EARTEC's revolutionary full duplex communication system. This new digital wireless allows users to talk in full duplex mode, which means simultaneously and hands free just like on a regular telephone.

What makes these intercoms truly unique is that by simply unplugging a headset The CLIP™ is transformed into a compact speaker. This flexibility makes The CLIP™ an invaluable tool across a multitude of industries.

At the heart of each complete system is The CLIP™ itself, a miniature transceiver housed in a protective neoprene enclosure with a heavy duty steel military grade belt clip.

All complete CLIP systems include one “Master” CLIP transceiver that acts as a signal relay connecting up to 4 “Remote”

CLIP radios. When utilized with Eartec's lightweight headsets accessories The CLIP™ provides full duplex simultaneous talk operation allowing up to 5 users to communicate hands free.

Unplugging the headset transforms The CLIP™ into a listen only speaker great for anytime you need to speak remotely to a group, or even someone that can’t wear a headset.

An unlimited number of listen-only CLIPs may be added.

A terrific feature of The CLIP™ is that the Lithium Polymer batteries are built-in so charging is accomplished via a multi-port charger (included). The charging base features positive indication so when the corresponding LED turns from red to green the battery inside is ready to go.

Eartec’s Softside case is also included with purchase of every new CLIP™ intercom. Constructed of waterproof nylon material this compact headset bag keeps your system organized and protected. The molded hard plastic handle also makes transport easy and convenient.


Select a system from our standard offering. or contact EARTEC for expert advice if you don’t see exactly what you need.