A Revolutionary Concept in Coach to Rider Communication


The CLIP is a breakthrough equestrian communication system with outstanding performance features designed specifically for professional instructors. These new digital wireless function first as traditional two-way systems allowing instructors and student riders to communicate in full duplex, just like of a regular telephone.

By simply unplugging the headsets the CLIP is transformed into a compact wireless speaker that can be worn anywhere - including riding jacket or even on the saddle. This versatility allows coaches to tailor lesson protocol to each individual student's needs.

At the heart of all complete systems is the CLIP itself - a miniature transceiver housed in a protective neoprene enclosure with heavy duty steel clip. A variety of riding helmet compatible earpieces, both with and without microphones, are available. These options allow students to either communicate with or monitor the instructor using discreet headsets, or to utilize the CLIP simply as a miniature remote speaker.

Each complete CLIP wireless includes rechargeable lithium batteries, charger, and a padded soft side bag with molded plastic handle for convenient storage and transport.