Wired Crane Communication System

Set Up Instructions

The Eartec TCs CRANE is a self contained wired intercom designed specifically for Crane communications.  TCs systems are modular and easily expandable.  To outfit an entire crew, simply add the cables and headsets that you need.

To Operate:

General Setup:

1. Place the TCs Power Station inside the crane cab.

2. Select AC or battery power

3. Turn the power switch to ON.  A green light will illuminate.

4. Plug 100' cable into one of the four TCs Power Station connectors.

5. Extend the cable from crane cab to ground.

6. Link additional cable lengths  together as necessary.


All Eartec headsets include superior noise canceling microphones to block ambient noise.  For optimum performance headset microphone should be worn within 1/2" of the user's mouth.

1. Eartec Heavy-duty Headsets (XTreme, Ultra, Max) include amplification circuitry built into the headset earcup. These headsets plug directly into the power station or any extension cable.  Volume control is located on the headset ear shell.

2. Eartec Lightweight Headsets (Monarch, Cyber) require a BP 101 belt pack amplifier to be used inline.  Volume control for lightweight headsets is located on the face of the beltpack.  A headset extenuation for the crane operator is included and this must be used when using a lightweight headset inside the cab.


Note: To add crew to the talking pattern either add extenuation cable straight from the cab or split the line using a splitter / junction box.