Wired to Wireless Interface Series

Add Full Duplex UltraLITE and UltraPAK wireless headsets to your existing wired system

The HUB / Interface series provides outstanding full duplex communication linking UltraLITE wireless headsets and UltraPAK transceivers with permanently installed hard wired intercoms.

Each complete HUB / Interface package begins with one HUB mini base station / repeater and one software controlled Interface Module. The Interface Module plugs into the HUB and then directly into the rack mounted power console or a wall mounted headset jack. Push button adjustments on the Interface balance the signal levels between the permanently installed wired party line and any combination of up to 8 UltraLITE self-contained wireless or UltraPAK beltpacks with headsets.


These complete systems establish a seamless audio link providing your crew tremendous mobility and simultaneous talk, hands free communication with your wired party line just as if connected by a floor cable.

HUB / Interface systems are affordable and formulating a custom package for your existing wired system is easy.