Push to Talk Wireless

The Scrambler UHF is a compact FRS radio designed for dependable two-way communications.

Scrambler UHF wireless provide crystal clear voice communication across a multitude of industries. All Scrambler intercoms operate in simplex mode, which means that when one person in a group transmits the message is received by everyone. An unlimited number of transceivers can operate on the same frequency, and a simple rotary dial allows users to switch channels instantly.

The Scrambler operates on UHF high band frequencies with 500 mW transmitting power that can penetrate concrete or steel. This makes the Scrambler an affordable sound solution to businesses, schools, and churches as well as any on location venue where users need to communicate between buildings or through walls.

Design your own complete Scrambler wireless simply by

selecting the number of radios that you need along with

any combination of Eartec headsets.


Certified for USA and CANADA (only).