Hands Free, Full Duplex Wireless For Larger Crews

The HUB™ is a wearable Mini Base station that expands the capacity of UltraLITE™ headsets for larger crews that need to communicate and work with their hands. This compact wireless repeater weighs only 9 oz. and can either be placed strategically “on location” or belt worn. When clipped comfortably to the users waist it moves seamlessly allowing your team to remain in constant full duplex voice contact.

The HUB™ features two channels of communication affording separate groups of four users the ability to talk privately. Pressing the A/B-channel-combine button on the HUB face connects the talking patterns

and links up to eight UltraLITE™ wireless headsets all operating in full duplex mode. All HUB™ transceivers also include a dual pin jack that allows addition of a wired headset. This expands capacity of the HUB™ to nine users.




As an added feature EARTEC engineers have included interconnect capability within each HUB™. This allows two HUBs to be linked together further expanding the capacity to 17 users. Since UltraLITE™ headsets are field programmable you can always modify your HUB™ system adding components at any time so as to expand the talking pattern as your needs grow.

Select from the standard HUB™ packages or contact EARTEC for expert advice if you don’t see exactly what you need. Our engineers are standing by and will design a customized HUB™ full duplex system for your crew upon request.