Eartec's Workhorse Wired Intercom
Eartec has been manufacturing simple sound wired intercom solutions since 1961. With the introduction of the TCS series and new ProLIne headsets we have taken our wired communication systems to a whole new level of engineering, performance and affordability.
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ProLine Headset
EARTEC ProLIne are revolutionary headsets that set the TCS series apart from all other wired intercoms. Offered in both single and dual ear models ProLine headsets feature a compact amplifier and volume control built into the ear cups. This eliminates belt packs and reduces interconnecting XLR connectors.
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Auto-Mute Technology
The microphone of the ProLIne includes Auto Mute technology. This allows users to easily mute the mic by positing the boom straight up. Listening volume is controlled by an up / down silicone switch assembly. Built with rugged plastics and deluxe padding the ProLIne are lightweight, comfortable and provide outstanding performance.
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Simple & Reliable
The TCS console houses the interconnecting circuitry and also supplies power to the entire talking pattern. The TCS replaces complicated and expensive rack mounted amplifiers. Both standard AC wall current and lantern battery power options are included. This makes the TCS completely portable for “On Location” use (battery included).
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TCS wired systems can be customized by adding lightweight headsets for those users that absolutely need discreet communication. Both mid-weight and lightweight headset models are available and require a BP101 wired belt amplifier / Volume control assembly.
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TCS 4000
The standard TCS 400 wired system connects four headsets and is expandable up to eight users simply by adding additional components. Contact EARTEC for expert advice. Our engineers are standing by to help you design your own customized wired system.
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Eartec TCS™ General Instruction Booklet