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ComSTAR full duplex wireless are designed for industrial production teams that need instantaneous, “hands free” voice communications. These revolutionary intercoms are not voice activated and there is no delay when transmitting. The system allows up to eight users to talk simultaneously just like on a regular telephone within a 400 yard range enhancing jobsite productivity and safety.

All complete ComSTAR systems include one XT Com Center, a mini base station that acts as a signal relay. This centralized main transmitter features 2 channels of communication and is totally portable for on location jobsites. The ComCenter is powered by AC wall plug, rechargeable lithium Polymer battery, or disposable AA battery sled. (all included).

Up to eight ComSTAR headsets can be connected in full duplex through a single Com Center. These self contained workhorse wireless feature a powerful duplex transceiver built right inside the earcups. This no-nonsense “All in One” configuration eliminates belt pack radios that are required with traditional wireless headsets. Lightweight and rugged ComSTAR headsets care designed to take the hard knocks of demanding, industrial jobsites.

ComSTAR utilize powerful Lithium Polymer batteries that operate up to 8 hours when fully charged. The batteries simply snap into the “off ear” headset plastics, and are easily removed for replacement or recharging. Freshly charged spare batteries can kept be on hand for instant change out. The Multi Port Charging base (included) conveniently charges both the Com Center and the headset batteries. LED’s indicate individual battery condition Red – charging, Green – fully charged.

ComSTAR full duplex systems are available in two formats. Standard systems include a combination of double and single ear ComSTAR headsets with traditional headband design. The ComSTAR XTreme feature an adjustable over the head strap with backband style that is hard hat compatible.

If you have specialized requirements contact Eartec so that our customer service team can help you design a customized ComSTAR system.

Select a system from the drop-down menu on the pages below: w/ Standard headband series or Xtreme Hard Hat style

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Systems either feature Single & Double Ear ComSTAR or All XTreme Headsets

Select from these standard options:

ComSTAR XT Series

Include ComSTAR headsets both Single & Double Ear

XTreme Series

Systems feature Hard Hat Compatible Style Headsets

Eartec XTreme Headset


Headsets & Parts

Add a headset to your system, replace a battery, it’s all here.

COmstar Battery