Eartec Wireless Headsets

Wireless Headsets Streamline Courtroom Proceedings

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about many changes in courtroom procedures nationwide. One challenge court managers face today is how to keep attorneys, defendants, and interpreters social distanced while accommodating their need for real time communication.

UltraLITE wireless headsets provide full duplex, simultaneous talk wireless communication that legal teams need to perform their job. These self-contained wireless headsets allow up to 5 users to conference in total privacy just like on a regular telephone.

UltraLITE work “right out of the box” without wires, belt-packs or base stations. Just install a charged battery (included w/ charger), turn the power “ON”, and talk. The headsets link automatically, and since they operate in the non- licensed DECT band set aside for digital voice communication multiple systems can be used in the same vicinity free from interference or crosstalk.

UltraLITE batteries are field replaceable and installing freshly charged spare batteries is a snap. Hygienic cloth earpad and microphone covers are available. This means that the UltraLITE systems can be shared and utilized throughout the entire day.


Self contained wireless headsets provide an open line of communication.

UltraLITE Headset Single