ComSTAR full duplex wireless are designed for industrial production teams that need instantaneous, “hands free” voice communications. These revolutionary intercoms are not voice activated and there is no delay when transmitting. The system allows up to eight users to talk simultaneously just like on a regular telephone within a 400 yard range enhancing jobsite productivity and safety. more.

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Crystal Clear, Full Duplex Voice

Continuous digital transmissions are free from breakup and static.

No Interference

1920 – 1930 MHz are for voice communication only.

Outstanding Range 

Full duplex communication up to 400 yards.

Dual Channel with Conferencing

2 groups of up to 4 users communicate separately. Conference links the channels.


Add headsets so that up to 8 users can talk simultaneously.

Simple / Instant setup

System is self-tuning, no remote antenna required.

No FCC License Required

Operate right out of the box.



DECT 6.0 (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)


1920 – 1930MHz (USA)

Headset Weight

12 oz (w/ battery)

Channel Bandwidth

1.728 GHz

Modulation Type


Transmission Speed

1.152 Mbps (Baud Rate)


Time Division Duplex (TDD)

Speech Encoding

ADPCM / 32bit/s

RF Accessing

Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)


400 yards in open space

Base Power Supply

AC/ adapter: INPIUT 110-40Vac, OUTPUT 9.0Vdc 1000mA

Headset Power Supply

Rechargeable Li Poly 3.7 V/ 1000 mAh 3.0 Wh

Charger Power Supply

AC / adapter: INPUT 110-40Vac. OUTPUT 5.0V – 1 1000mA

Charge Time

6 hours

Operation Time

8 hours

Normal Condition of Use

0 C to 40 C

Storage Temperature

-10 C to 60 C