Eartec | ComSTAR | Features | Specifications


Crystal Clear, Full Duplex Voice

Continuous digital transmissions are free from breakup and static.

No Interference

1920 – 1930 MHz are for voice communication only.

Outstanding Range 

Full duplex communication up to 400 yards.

Dual Channel with Conferencing

2 groups of up to 4 users communicate separately. Conference links the channels.


Add headsets so that up to 8 users can talk simultaneously.

Simple / Instant setup

System is self-tuning, no remote antenna required.

No FCC License Required

Operate right out of the box.



DECT 6.0 (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)


1920 – 1930MHz (USA)

Headset Weight

12 oz (w/ battery)

Channel Bandwidth

1.728 GHz

Modulation Type


Transmission Speed

1.152 Mbps (Baud Rate)


Time Division Duplex (TDD)

Speech Encoding

ADPCM / 32bit/s

RF Accessing

Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)


400m in open space

Base Power Supply

AC/ adapter: INPIUT 110-40Vac, OUTPUT 9.0Vdc 1000mA

Headset Power Supply

Rechargeable Li Poly 3.7 V/ 1000 mAh 3.0 Wh

Charger Power Supply

AC / adapter: INPUT 110-40Vac. OUTPUT 5.0V – 1 1000mA

Charge Time

6 hours

Operation Time

8 hours

Normal Condition of Use

0 C to 40 C

Storage Temperature

-10 C to 60 C