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Arborist wearing XTreme Headset
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Eartec EVADE are a new class of Light Industrial wireless team communication systems designed for professional crews that need instantaneous, hands free voice contact.

Featuring deluxe padding and a sleek, fully adjustable headband EVADE provide outstanding comfort. Capacity to link up to 32 users within a 1/2 mile range  enhances coordination, productivity, and safety.

Which EVADE is right for you?

Evade Single Headset

From $825

Single & Double Headsets

Dual or Single Light Industrial Headsets

Self-contained – No Beltpack or Wires

Full Earcup with Deluxe Padding

Auto Mute Boom – Off when Placed Up

1/2 Mile Range

(Line of Sight, Terrain Dependent)

Eartec EPak beltpack with T1 earbud and Lazer-Pro headset.
E-Pak Series

From $395

Bluetooth Connectivity

Lightweight Headset Options

Beltpack Transceiver

Bluetooth Connectivity

Mic-Mute Button on E-Pak

300-Yard Range

(Line of Sight, Terrain Dependent)

XTreme headset, with ergonomic padding, tension backband.
XTreme Series

From $1100

Hardhat Compatible

Hardhat Model

Self-contained – No Beltpack or Wires

Wide Contoured Padding

Mic-Mute Button on Earcup

1/2 Mile Range

(Line of Sight, Terrain Dependent)

Eartec Co.

When your job calls for split-second coordination, contact Eartec for fast courteous service and expert advice. Whether you need replacement headsets or a complete new system, Eartec communication products will come through loud and clear!