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Eartec FAQ

Eartec created The UltraLITE Systems for 2 to 5 users who require comfortable full duplex communication.  The HUB w/UltraLITE & UltraPAK Systems provide the same features for larger crews. 


All EARTEC UltraLITE & HUB full duplex intercoms include one ‘”Main” Unit. The MAIN unit features additional integrated circuitry which makes the MAIN the digital signal relay / repeater for the system.

With the UltraLITE systems, the MAIN is a specially marked headset, with a recessed power/programming button.  With The HUB systems the HUB is the MAIN repeater.

In both systems, the“Remote” transceivers, either UltraLITE headsets or UltraPAK, are then programmed to the MAIN creating the full duplex talking pattern.

EARTEC launched the first UltraLITE wireless headset series in 2016. This original model, the “Classic” UltraLITE, has capacity of 4 users (1 Main & 3 Remote). A new digital IC was developed in 2018 that expanded the system capability to 5 users (1 Main & 4 Remote) and also provided enhanced signal clarity. These models are identified by “HD” printing on the headsets label.

Important Note: UltraLITE “Classic” and “HD” transceivers are NOT compatible.

Absolutely!  Starting with a two or three person setup and then adding on in the future is a popular choice. 

One advantage of EARTEC full duplex wireless transceivers is they are field programmable which means that systems can be expanded without returning equipment to the EARTEC factory. Adding headsets or upgrading to a HUB system is a simple process of linking the REMOTES of your current intercom to a HUB so as to create an expanded talking pattern that meets the growing needs of your crew.

Can I upgrade my UltraLITE system beyond 5 users?

Expanding beyond 5 users on the UltraLITE system requires a HUB mini base, which will replace the MAIN headset in your system.  The MAIN headset will support only 2 – 5 users – so bear in mind that if you plan to start small, and then upgrade in the future, the MAIN headset will not be compatible with the HUB when expanding to 6+ users.

Can I change my MAIN Headset to a REMOTE when I upgrade to The HUB?

The MAIN headset is not reprogrammable to REMOTE status.  Since the HUB is in essence a dual channel mini base station MAIN headsets are NOT compatible and cannot be utilized.

Each HUB mini base can support up to 8 wireless users.  Linking TWO HUB mini bases via Eartec’s interlink cable increases capacity to 16.

As UltraLITE wireless grew in popularity many customers needed to link larger crews beyond the standard UltraLITE systems. To meet this requirement EARTEC engineers combined the circuitry and programming of two MAIN headsets onto a new PCB to be installed in a single HUB enclosure. The HUB then in essence takes the place of the MAIN headset acting as the digital signal relay and doubles system capacity.

Why is there a two-pin jack on the side of my HUB?

The HUB mini base can be belt worn.  The dual pin jack allows addition of an Eartec wired headset, thus increasing the capacity of the system to 9 users


Eartec UltraLITE and/or HUB sets will arrive pre-programmed.  Programming is only required when adding on to an existing system.

How can I order a custom system?

The most popular systems can be found right on our website, simply navigate to the top menu bar.  If you wish to create a system with a variety of components, please call our technicians directly.  1-800-399-5994.

Why is the LED/Button on my MAIN headset recessed?

The MAIN headset power button is recessed by design to avoid accidental activation.  While this button is the power button, it is also utilized when programming / adding to the system.

What is the best way to preserve battery life?

Remove batteries from headsets after each use and place in charger until LEDs turn green (no more than 12 hours, please).

How can I increase the range of my system?

Two great options to increase the range of the HUB mini base are Eartec’s Global Connect Kit (Full duplex, wireless communication over IP) and Eartec’s HUB Interlink Extention Cables.

Can I interface into a wired system while two HUBs are interlinked?

Yes, two HUBs can be interlinked, while one of the two will interface with the wired system.

Can I program audio into my system?

Yes, Eartec can customize a solution for you.  Please call our technicians directly.  1-800-399-5994.

Can I send the Eartec chat audio into my system?

Yes, Eartec can customize a solution for you.  Please call our technicians directly.  1-800-399-5994.

How many wireless users can I add to my chat?

Add the HUB to any computer or smartphone, initiate a web chat, and a crew of up to 8 mobile wireless users can communicate in full duplex within a 400 yard range. 

Can I connect overseas?

Additional HUB systems can be added to a web chat so that all users can communicate in full duplex over IP. If you need a HUB system in the U.S. to link to a second HUB system internationally please call EARTEC to specify country & continent (ie. Europe, Australia etc.).

When will my order ship?

All Eartec products are built-to-order, it typically takes 1-3 days for your items to be ready for shipment.  Fedex Overnight and 2-Day will be given priority.  Ground shipping may arrive in 1 day (East Coast) to 5 days (West Coast).  Orders over $100 will require a signature.

How can I get my tracking information?

Your tracking number will be emailed to you directly from Fedex when your items ship, usually at close of business, EST.

Will I receive a receipt of purchase?

Yes absolutely! You will receive an email marked “Thanks for shopping with Eartec” with your order and payment type.

Why is signature required?

Due to the nature of Eartec products, orders over $100 will require a signature.

What is Eartec’s return policy?

Eartec products may be returned for credit or refund only if received in the original packing material and in “as new” condition within 30 days of purchase.


International Orders Welcomed!  Visit our Global Partners Page or call us directly +1-401-782-4966.  All prices in U.S. Dollars.


Orders usually ship within 1-3 business days. Fedex Ground shipping may arrive in 1 day (East Coast) to 5 days (West Coast).



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