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Eartec Wireless – Hands free crew communication

No shouting, No buttons to push!

Eartec wireless systems are designed to streamline communications in today’s fast paced foodservice and cafeteria industry.

These revolutionary intercoms operate in full duplex which means crews are able to to converse simultaneously and hands-free without push-to-talk transmit buttons.

The UltraLITE series are self-contained headsets that feature a miniature transceiver installed inside the earcup. UltraPAK are compact belt worn radios that allow use of discreet lightweight headsets. Simple to use and affordable Eartec intercoms link kitchen staff to servers, checkout personnel and managers enhancing efficiency through instantaneous voice contact.

Select an intercom with single and dual headsets below (Up to Five):

Expanding beyond 5 users requires The HUB Mini Base.
Planning to upgrade in the future?  View The HUB System Here.

All Complete Systems include Desktop Charger & Case

Multi port chargers, large and small, with batteries inserted, green LED equals charged.
EVADE small soft case

Foodservice Cafeteria Communication