Wireless Glossary

Key Terminology that will help you select the right Eartec system

Full Duplex –  Mode of communication where transceivers can send and receive signals simultaneously.  Provides hands free, open line talking pattern.

Simplex –  Traditional Two-Way radio mode of wireless where users take turns talking. Transmissions are normally initiated by pushing a button (PTT).

Voice Activated (VOX) – Setting available for some simplex radios where users voice initiates a transmission instead of pushing a button. Voice activated DOES NOT allow users to talk simultaneously.

Digital Transmission – Microprocessor converts voice into a digital signal. Transceiver uses this digital Code, 1’s and 0’s, instead of traditional analog radio waves.

Base Station – A centralized signal relay that connects remote transceivers in a full duplex wireless intercom.

DECT – Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications – Utilized worldwide for non-licensed interference free, digital voice communications.