Eartec Wireless Headsets

Full Duplex Wireless Headsets Provide Hands-Free Communication

Eartec full duplex wireless headsets provide instantaneous voice communication to demanding industrial crews. Full Duplex means that the transceiver can send and receive messages simultaneously and this capability is what creates an open line of communication just like on a regular telephone.

The ComSTAR XTreme are heavy duty hard hat compatible headsets that boost productivity of industrial crews. These specialty full duplex wireless are not voice activated and there is no delay when transmitting. They are built to take the hard knocks of demanding jobsites including: Aircraft Maintenance, Shipbuilding, Towing / Salvage, Tree Care, and Crane Works.

UltraLITE mid-weight wireless headsets provide outstanding simultaneous talk full duplex wireless communication. They feature totally self-contained design with a compact transceiver built inside the headset ear cups. To operate simply install charged batteries (included) turn the headsets “ON” and talk it’s that simple.


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Eartec XTreme Headset


Affordable full duplex wireless systems.