Global Connect Kit

Link The HUB intercom to a laptop, desktop or smartphone by utilizing the items included in the Global Connect Kit. The complete system allows multiple roaming wireless users to communicate in full duplex over IP.

Here’s How It Works:

1. Create a chat on any platform (Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc.) via smartphone or computer.

2. Start-up the HUB system and confirm that all UltraLITE or UltraPAK are communicating.

3. Connect to computer (Fig. 1):

Add USB sound card to Global Connect cable assembly and plug into computer USB port.

Go to web chat menu and select USB device to override external computer speaker.

4. Connect to smartphone (Fig. 2):

Plugging in the Global Connect cable via TRRS connector automatically enables HUB intercom.

(iPhone requires dongle, not included).

Computer / USB
Smartphone / TRRS

Once the chat is established and the HUB is connected, wireless UltraLITE & UltraPAK users within a 400 yard range will be linked to all parties on the web chat.