Eartec Wireless Headsets

Full Duplex, Hands Free Communications Between Captain and Crew

Whether you are a husband and wife performing tricky docking maneuvers, a Big Game Tournament Captain, or a salmon seiner in Alaska,  UltraLITE headsets from the Eartec Company will provide the hands free, simultaneous talk voice contact that will make your job safer and more rewarding.

What sets UltraLITE apart from traditional wireless headsets is their “All in One” self contained design. Since all electronics are installed in the earcup / headband assembly there are no wires or remote radios required.

UltraLITE systems are offered in two versions. The Standard series utilize one Main headset with up to 4 additional Remote units creating an open line talking pattern for up to 5 people. The HUB series expands the capacity of UltraLITE linking up to 8 crew members in full duplex.  A variety of headset options are available for use with the HUB mini base thereby expanding the talk net to 9 crew, all communicating simultaneously and hands free.

UltraLITE Series

Simultaneous talk hands free for smaller crews up to 5.

The HUB Series

Open line of communication for Big Game Tournament Teams up to 9.