Eartec Wireless Headsets

Specialty Headsets from Eartec Co.

Provide Instantaneous Voice Communications

As the pace of the health and medical service industries approaches warp speed communication is becoming more ever more critical. Masks, face shields, and PPE helmet systems effectively safeguard both doctor and patient from cross contamination yet they impair the ability of surgical teams to communicate. At the same time medical offices face immense pressures and are being pushed to their limits. Specialty headsets from the Eartec Company overcome these challenges by providing instantaneous wireless voice communications.

UltraPAK full duplex wireless allow doctors, nurses and support personnel to talk simultaneously just like on a regular telephone without pushing buttons. The System features miniature belt pack transceivers that weigh only 2.5 oz. and lightweight headsets that fit comfortably even underneath PPE face shields and hoods.

Eartec “Simplex” wireless intercoms are designed to streamline medical office operations through crystal clear, Push-to-Talk radio communication. Each complete system combines Scrambler Plus UHF high band transceivers along with your selected headset accessories. These state of the art electronic components provide crystal clear voice contact even through concrete and steel.

Scrambler PLUS UHF

The Scrambler Plus UHF and lightweight headsets provide the discreet interoffice communication.

The HUB w/ UltraPAK

UltraPAK wireless signals can penetrate lead-lined walls, yet they do not interfere with sensitive medical equipment.