Eartec Wireless Headsets

Wireless Communication Promotes Social Distancing & Plant Tour Efficiency

Wireless headset solutions from Eartec provide the crystal clear voice contact necessary to overcome the din and clatter of ambient noise in industrial facilities and to maintain social distancing during plant tours.

Eartec offers two distinct styles of Plant Tour Wireless, Full Duplex and Simplex.

The HUB is a mini full duplex repeater that is belt worn and links up to any combination of UltraLITE wireless headsets. UltraLITE are totally self-contained headsets that provide hands free, simultaneous talk communication. With UltraLITE users can speak freely and simultaneously just like on a regular telephone. They include a special Auto Mute microphone assembly that allows the tour leader or anyone in the group to ask a question simply by moving their mic boom down to talk.

The Scrambler UHF transceiver is at the heart of all Eartec simplex tour intercoms. With simplex wireless transmissions are initiated by Push to Talk (PTT). When the tour leader or anyone in the group transmits the message is received by everyone. The Scrambler features 14 high band frequencies and channel switching makes it easy to separate or combine radios and headsets as your needs dictate.

Eartec will help you select the items that you need and provide a quote upon request. If you plan to deploy wireless across multiple locations we will formulate comprehensive pricing.

The HUB w/ UltraLITE

Tour leader and group members can talk hands free.

Scrambler Plus UHF

Popular push-to-talk plant tour wireless.