UltraLITE 24G Series Wireless


2 – 4 person wireless intercom

Full duplex, simultaneous talk, open line of communication


Single or Dual Ear UltraLITE 24G Wireless Headsets

Rechargeable Li-polymer Batteries, Charger

Softside Case

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UltraLITE 24G Series 2017 discontinued models are available for a limited time due to overstock.

Wireless manufacturers face a unique challenge today.  Semiconductors are evolving at breakneck speed, and integrated circuits (ICs) double in capability approximately every 18 months.  As key components become smaller, faster, and more power efficient Eartec’s latest designs naturally shift to those components that provide more capacity.  This leaves Eartec with a residual stock of brand new wireless systems that are distributed at a discount to customers who need up to 4 headsets.

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