ComSTAR XT-Series Wireless

ComSTAR XT-Series Wireless

Hands Free, Open Line

Incl. Com-Center Base, ComSTAR Single & Dual Ear Headsets, Batteries, Charger, Case



ComSTAR XT Series full duplex wireless is designed specifically for teams that need to communicate while working with their hands.   These revolutionary intercoms are not voice activated and there is no delay when transmitting.

The system allows up to eight wireless users (expandable to 16) to talk simultaneously just like on a regular telephone within a 800 yard range.

At the heart of each ComSTAR system is a signal relay called the Com-Center.  This centralized base transceiver is both AC powered or battery powered for on-location use and is totally portable.  Each Com-Center can accommodate up to eight users in full duplex.   Choose any combination of wireless headsets to create a completely customized system.

ComSTAR Headsets’ Mic Boom swivels 270 degrees, to be worn on the left or the right.

Each ComSTAR XT comes complete with rechargeable batteries, Multi-Port charger, and carrying case.

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