The E-PAK Wireless Communication System



1- MAIN EPak Transceiver
Up to 8 REMOTE EPak Transceivers
Lazer-Pro Headsets
Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries
Multi-Port Battery Charger
1-Softside Case

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The EPak is the most dynamic product that Eartec has engineered in our entire 60-year history. This compact full duplex transceiver provides hands free, simultaneous talk communication and also includes a second RF module that allows use of lightweight wireless headsets. This versatility accommodates personnel that need discreet communication free of traditional plug-in wired headsets.

EPak work right out of the box without a base station, tuning, or FCC licensing. These lightweight, digital transceivers weigh only 2.5 oz. and can be worn tucked inside a pocket or clipped to clothing. To operate simply snap in a charged Li-poly battery (included), turn the units “ON” and pair one of Eartec’s wireless headsets. All radios in a system automatically connect providing an open line talking pattern for up to nine users within a 400-yard range.

Frequency Hopping is the name of the specialty wireless protocol utilized by all EPak systems to dodge or circumvent interference. EPak feature encrypted digital transmissions that act like a bouncing ball, constantly moving from channel to channel every fraction of a second.  Since they only transmit on frequencies that are clear multiple EPak systems can easily work in harmony in the same venue and will not interfere with other wireless equipment.

EPak feature field programmable circuity so smaller systems are easily expandable. Engineered to perfection, built with precision and excelling in performance EARTEC EPak represents the intercom of tomorrow available today.

Each new system is packaged in a padded soft side storage bag for convenient transport.

  • A Mute switch conveniently silences the microphone signal whenever necessary.
  • Two pin wired headset jack built into radio chassis.
  • Wired style headsets optional.
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 7 in