Plant Tour Scrambler Wireless

Plant Tour Scrambler Wireless

Two Way Radio

Incl. Charger & Lithium Battery


Plant Tour Scrambler Wireless: Let’s face it, the ability to conduct a great plant tour is critical to the success of many businesses. The impression that an effective plant tour leaves on prospective customers visiting your facility is priceless.  Scrambler plant tour wireless systems provide the crystal clear voice contact necessary to overcome the din and clatter of ambient industrial noise allowing you to conduct plant tours with precision.

Multiple Tours:  The Scrambler compact two way radio features 14 high band frequencies allowing multiple tours to go on simultaneously. Channel switching makes it easy to separate a larger Tour Guide set into multiple smaller systems.

Voice encryption prevents eavesdropping by anyone outside your organization:  Because no two venues are exactly alike all Eartec Plant Tour wireless systems are customized to meet the communication needs of each individual.

Two Distinct Setups:  The “Monitor Series” allows the tour leader to communicate to a group that just need to listen only. The “Talk Back Series” includes headsets complete with microphones so that anyone in the group can ask questions during the tour simply by pushing a button.

Scrambler UHF™ Two-Way radio

  • 14 FRS channels
  •  includes stand-up charger
  • Lithium rechargeable battery


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Weight 8 oz