TCS-4000PL Wired Intercom


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ProLine Headsets Do Not Require a Beltpack

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The TCS series are Eartec’s workhorse wired intercoms. What makes these systems truly unique is that they include the ProLine headset. The TCS series and new ProLIne headsets have taken our wired communication systems to a whole new level of performance and affordability.

EARTEC ProLIne are revolutionary headsets that set the TCS series apart from all other wired intercoms. Offered in both single and dual ear models ProLine headsets are a breakthrough because they feature a compact amplifier and volume control built into the ear cups.  This eliminates belt packs and reduces interconnecting XLR connectors. In addition the microphone of the ProLIne includes Auto Mute technology which allows users to easily mute their mic simply by positing the boom straight up.

All TCS wired intercoms include both standard AC wall current and lantern battery power options.

Standard TCS packages include a Power Station and 4 PriLine headsets. Mid-weight and Lightweight headsets are available and require the BP 101, a compact external amplifier / volume control. Various lengths of floor cables are also available.

Weight 12.5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 9 in