TCS-4000XTreme Wired Intercom

TCS-4000XTreme Wired Intercom

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XTreme Headsets Do Not Require a Beltpack


The TCS series are Eartec’s workhorse wired intercoms. What makes these systems truly unique is that they include the ProLine headset.

Eartec’s Xtreme are popular communication tools for tree care, crane work and construction crews as well as avionics and defense contractors. They feature a unique septagonal design that covers the ear naturally and completely. Deluxe cushions are wide, soft, and slightly thicker to the bottom and rear. Together these “ergo-formed” shapes are the reason why the XTreme are designed for comfort and built to last.

Xtreme wired headsets are totally self-contained and do not require a belt pack amplifier. They feature a 5 ft cable with 3 pin XLR connector that plug directly in to the TCS Power Station or floor cable. Individual volume control also included.

All TCS wired intercoms include both standard AC wall current and lantern battery power options.

Standard TCS packages include a Power Station and 4 XTreme headsets. Mid-weight and Lightweight headsets are available and require the BP 101, a compact external amplifier / volume control. Various lengths of floor cables are also available.

Weight 12.5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 9 in

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