TCS Wired Intercom


At the heart of all Eartec wired intercoms is the TCS power station. Housed in an impact resistant ABS enclosure the TCS station includes system circuitry and also supplies power to the entire talking pattern.

Replacing expensive rack mounted amplifiers, the TCS Power Station includes both standard AC wall current and lantern battery power options. This makes the TCS completely portable for “On Location” use (Battery included).


Add up to 6 Users.

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Wired Intercom – by Eartec – What makes the TCS series unique is that the headsets are individually amplified external to the power station making the systems modular.
ProLine and Xtreme are full size headsets that feature a miniature amplifier and volume control built into the earcup.
Lightweight and Mid-weight headsets utilize the BP 101, a compact external amplifier / volume control. This allows you to customize the talking pattern simply by combining headsets and optional components.

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in