TD900 Series Wireless


2 – 5 person wireless intercom

Full duplex, simultaneous talk, open line of communication


Single or Dual Ear TD900 Classic Wireless Headsets

Rechargeable Li-polymer Batteries, Charger

Softside Case

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TD900 Classic Series 2017 discontinued models are available for a limited time due to overstock.

All TD 900 Classic systems utilize a special technology known as Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping. In essence TD 900 transceivers constantly monitor the airwaves and automatically switch to the best frequencies when necessary to avoid interference. 

TD 900 Classic headsets are self-contained and do not require belt packs because all electronics are installed inside the ear cups. In addition, there is no base station required.

Auto Mute Boom Technology allows users to set their headset into listening only mode simply by positioning the microphone boom straight up.

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