The HUB UltraPAK w/Monarch Headsets



  • Hub Mini Base

  • UltraPAK w/Monarch Headsets

  • Batteries, Charger, Padded Case

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The Eartec UltraPAK™ Wireless is a professional full duplex intercom for people that need to communicate while working with their hands.  This compact system features the HUB™ Mini base.  Also included are Remote UltraPAK™ beltpacks with lightweight headsets.  UltraPAK™ utilize Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) to provide professional, simultaneous talk wireless communication within a quarter mile range.

No FCC License Required.

UltraPAK™ transceivers weigh only 2.5 oz and feature an ergonomic design so they fit comfortably when belt worn. They include volume control adjustment and a mic mute button with LED indicator that illuminates when gain is set to standby.  The field replaceable Lithium battery (included) charges externally in appx. 3 hours and operates for up to 6 hours in full duplex mode.

The Monarch® . If you require comfortable industrial headsets, look no further than the Monarch®. These mid-weight headsets were originally designed for use with commercial speech recognition computers. They are manufactured with PBT, the same material used to make automobile bumpers and are built for rough industrial environments.  Monarch headsets feature a  slender backband that offers a unisex fit. They are equally at home on the floor of a TV studio or inside the cab of a tower crane.

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