The Max4G Single Headset

The Max4G Single Headset

Available w/Push-to-talk or Full Duplex.



The Max4G Headset  is a tremendous accessory to your wireless system.  Available in single or double ear models, these mid-weight headsets feature a fully adjustable headband and deluxe foam padding to ensure a firm, comfortable fit.  Boom arm rotates 270 degrees and when set in the UP position automatically mutes the microphone gain.

Weight 6 oz

For COMSTAR COMPAK, For UltraPAK, For Scrambler Radio, For Simultalk 24G, For Motorola PTT Radio, For Kenwood PTT Radios, For Eartec TCS Wired Intercom, ClearCom 4 pin XLR Fem, ClearCom 4 pin XLR Male, RTS 4 pin XLR Fem, RTS 4 pin XLR Male, Telex 4 pin XLR Fem, Telex 4 pin XLR Male