The Monarch for BP101 Beltpack

The Monarch for BP101 Beltpack

Required BP101 beltpack

3-pin XLR connector


The Monarch is a specialty headset that features a slender backband and a luxurious unisex fit.  Over the last decade the Monarch has become the popular choice for studio and “on-location” use.

  • Comfortable, rugged & affordable
Weight 4 oz

For COMSTAR COMPAK, For UltraPAK, For Scrambler Radio, For Simultalk 24G, For Motorola PTT Radio, For Kenwood PTT Radios, For Eartec TCS Wired Intercom, ClearCom 4 pin XLR Fem, ClearCom 4 pin XLR Male, RTS 4 pin XLR Fem, RTS 4 pin XLR Male, Telex 4 pin XLR Fem, Telex 4 pin XLR Male