The ProLine Headset Dual Ear


If you need professional, noise canceling headsets for your existing intercom look no further than the ProLine Double. This heavy duty dual speaker model is packed with terrific features including rugged PBT plastics and extra wide, soft padding.


The ProLine Double is built rugged to take the hard knocks of demanding industrial jobsites. Available with XLR connector for your current wired belt pack or Motorola / Kenwood molded plug w/inline PTT.

ProLine are “Battle Tested”Light Industrial headsets that provide crystal clear voice transmissions across a multitude of industries. They combine specialty electronic components with rugged construction and deluxe padding. The fact that they are affordably priced is just, “icing on the cake”!

Eartec manufactures the ProLine with either electret or dynamic microphone elements which means that they will operate with virtually any intercom in the world.


View ProLine Single Headset

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Dynamic Microphone (XLR Connector only)

Frequency 20Hz~20KHz
Impedance 200Ω
Sensitivity -70dB

Electret Microphone

Frequency 20Hz~20KHz
Impedance 2.2K
Sensitivity -43dB
Sensitivity Reduction -3dB
Voltage Range 1.2-5V
Currency Consumption 400uA


Size 30mm
Impedance 300Ω
Rated Power 30mW
Frequency Scope 50Hz~20KHz
Distortion < 3%