Eartec Wireless Headsets

The EARTEC Company has been a leading supplier of wired and wireless communications equipment since 1961.

Throughout these many decades EARTEC engineers have utilized the feedback received from thousands of drama professionals, houses of worship, and Pro Audio engineers in order to develop headset intercom solutions that provide outstanding performance.

Today Eartec is a worldwide leading manufacturer of affordable industrial headsets for production teams. What has always set Eartec apart is a commitment to building rugged, yet affordable communication equipment along with providing professional courteous service. Wed manufacture a full line of headset solutions including portable wired intercoms as well as state of the art Simplex and Full Duplex wireless systems.

All Eartec products are “designed for comfort and built to last”. So when you job calls for split-second coordination contact Eartec for fast courteous service. Whether you need replacement headsets or a complete new system, Eartec communication products will come through loud and clear!


Affordable duplex wireless headsets.


Duplex wireless for larger crews.

Eartec HUB Wireless System

HUB Interface

Full duplex headsets for permanently installed intercom.

HUB Wired to Wireless Interface

TCS Wired

Affordable wired communication system.


Replacements to fit other brand wired intercom.

Eartec Replacement Headsets