Eartec Wireless Headsets

Eartec Wireless Streamline Restaurant Operations Through Crystal Clear Communication

The Eartec HUB with UltraPAK and lightweight headsets are breakthrough “Full Duplex” wireless that will revolutionize the way waiters, managers and kitchen staff communicate. They connect restaurant personnel providing an open line talking pattern so that crews can talk simultaneously just like on a regular telephone.

The Scrambler Plus UHF operates in the traditional mode of wireless known as “Simplex” where users take turn transmitting. When one member of your group transmits the message is received by everyone. Scrambler UHF feature outstanding range so signals remain crystal clear, even through concrete and steel.

Call Eartec for expert advice on which wireless series will increase efficiency and make your business more profitable. Or to order online simply select the parts that you need and formulate your very own customized wireless communication system.

The HUB w/ UltraPAK

The HUB mini base station and UltraPAK full duplex radios provide instantaneous voice contact allowing your staff to communicate simultaneously and hands free.

Scrambler PLUS UHF

Scramber Plus two-way radio systems provide simple, sound Push-to-Talk restaurant communication.