Design a customized wired communication system.

TCS wired systems with Midweight MAX 4G or lightweight headsets are designed for those users that operate in venues with moderate background noise or need discreet communication.

To design a specialized TCS intercom select a Power Station and your preferred headsets along with BP101 Amplifier / Volume control assemblies. Then to complete your custom system choose the floor cables you need or utilize any existing communication wires with 3 pin XLR connectors.

All TCS wired intercoms are powered by regular AC wall current or replaceable 12 Volt lantern battery (included). They are completely portable for “On Location” communications where wired systems are either mandated or preferred.

Configure a system below:

Shop below to formulate a custom TCS wired intercom.

TCS Power Station $430.00

Includes TCS Base,  Standard AC wall current, Lantern battery.  Floor cables sold separately.

Max4G Single & Double $95 – $110


The MAX 4G is one of the most popular headsets in EARTEC’s entire product line. These midweight models are comfortable and durable. They feature deluxe padding, adjustability, and a gooseneck microphone boom that it can be worn on left or right side. The Max 4G also include EARTEC’s Auto Mute boom technology. To temporarily pause the mic gain simply place the boom arm straight up. The ProLine is a popular “Pro Audio” headset and is widely used in the film, television and general production industries.

BP 101 beltpack amplifier required.

The Monarch $95

These lightweight headsets are manufactured with BPT, the same plastic material used to make automobile bumpers and are built for the rough and tumble world of everyday industrial environments. Monarch headsets feature a slender back band and deluxe foam speaker cushions. The Monarch are equally at home on the floor of a TV studio or inside the cab of a tower crane.

BP 101 beltpack amplifier required.

eartec headset monarch HUBMON

The Cyber $85

The Cyber is a specialty headset designed to be worn comfortably for an entire work shift. Weighing only ½ of an ounce, the Cyber features a slender tension back-band that provides a luxurious unisex fit. These ultra-light models are widely used in the food service, church production and healthcare industries, or wherever discreet voice communications is required.

BP 101 beltpack amplifier required.

eartec headset cyber HUBCYB

BP101 Beltpack $85

The BP101 is a compact external amplifier / volume control for use with lightweight & midweight headsets.

Eartec TCS Wired Intercom BP101

Floor Cables $195


Eartec offers various lengths of floor cables to utilize with the base TCS4000 wired system.

Any existing 3-pin XLR cables may also be used with the TCS4000 base system.

Eartec TCS Wired Intercom

“Y” Splitter $95

Attach to any existing 3-pin XLR cables to split into two.