UltraLITE Pro16 All-in-one wireless headsets can link up to 16 users in full duplex without a base station or Hub.

Designed with a lightening fast microprocessor that provides two channels of simultaneous talk hands free communication, the Pro16 allows separate groups to speak privately.  more (link coming soon).

General Instruction Booklet (link coming soon)

UltraLITE Pro16 | Features | Specifications


Lightning fast RF microprocessor eliminates transmission delay and voice echo affording crystal clear audio.

Link up to 16 users in full duplex without a base station.

Dual channel system provides simultaneous talk, hands free communication.

Two separate groups can speak privately or all together with the touch of a button.

Active Frequency Hopping automatically switches channels whenever necessary to evade interference.

Operating range up to 1000 yards.

High capacity Lithium Polymer batteries provide an impressive run time of up to 10 hours.

Pro16 intercom systems are available in both Single and Double speaker models .

Auto mute microphone silences the signal when the boom is set in the “up” position.

A fortified mic assembly featuring internal metal construction and stainless attachment hardware.

New deluxe ear pad is extra wide, soft and weather resistant.

Smooth sliding battery compartment for quick change.



2407MHz – 2475MHz (USA)

Tuning Range Receive (MHz)


Maximum Transmit Power


Usage Type

Automatic Frequency Hopping

Channel Tuning Step




Channel Bandwidth


Modulation Type


Transmission Speed

1.3 MBPS


Time Division Duplex (TDD)

Speech Encoding

ADPCM / 16bit/s

RF Accessing

Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)


1000 yards (line of sight, terrain dependent)

Headset Power Supply

Rechargeable Lithium 3.7 V

Charger Power Supply


Operation Time

10 Hours

Normal Condition of Use

0 C to 45 C

Storage Temperature

0 to 30 C

No FCC License Required