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When your job calls for split second coordination look to UltraLITE self contained headsets and for hands free, full duplex wireless voice contact.

UltraLITE are revolutionary headsets that eclipse all other full duplex systems for performance and convenience because the transceiver is built right inside the ear cup. This self-contained, “All in One” design eliminates wires and belt worn radios. 

Which UltraLITE™ is right for you?

UltraLITE single ear grey with navy blue headset.

MAIN Headset Series

From $385

2 to 5 Users

One MAIN Headset

Up to 4 Remote Transceivers

No Base Station Required

Single Channel

Range 300 Yards

(line of sight, terrain dependent)

UltraLITE Headsets with UltraPak and HUB Mini Base

HUB Series

From $978

2 to 16 Users with Mini Base

Mini Base Station

Up to 16 Remote Transceivers

No MAIN Headset Required

Dual Channel & Conference

Range 300 Yards

(line of sight, terrain dependent)


UltraLITE™ PRO16

From $249

Up to 16 Users with Conference

Learn more  >

One MAIN Headset

Single & Double Headsets

Lightweight Headset Options

Up to 16 Users, 32 with Base


(line of sight, terrain dependent)

Eartec Co.

When your job calls for split-second coordination, contact Eartec for fast courteous service and expert advice. Whether you need replacement headsets or a complete new system, Eartec communication products will come through loud and clear!