Ultrapak beltpack.

UltraPAK are compact, powerful full duplex transceivers designed specifically for crews that need hands free, voice communication and also require discreet, lightweight headsets. This traditional beltpack / headset configuration affords the flexibility of selecting between midweight and lightweight headsets and provides outstanding full duplex performance within a 300 yard range (line of sight, terrain dependent).

UltraPAK | Features | Specifications


Excellent performance – Range up to 300 yards (line of sight, terrain dependent)

DECT Frequency – Digital 1900 MHz band is interference free

Li-Poly Batteries – Provide continuous 6 hr operation and are field replaceable

Lightweight Headset Option – Full line of lightweight headsets available

Mic Mute Button – Mutes microphone simply by pressing the microphone mute button

Volume Control – Simple up / down push button adjustment

Water Resistant – Silicone sealed for use outdoors in inclement conditions

Ergonomic Shape – Curved to comfortably fit the body

Field Programmable – Start small and add to your system as needed



DECT 6.0 (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)


1920 – 1930MHz (USA)

Euro Frequency

1880 – 1900MHz (EURO)

Preferred Frequency (MHz)

TX/RX: 1921.536 ~1928.448MHz

Tuning Range Receive (MHz)

1921.536 to 1928.448MHz

Maximum Transmit Power


Usage Type


Channel Tuning Step



2 oz

Channel Bandwidth

1.728 GHz

Modulation Type


Transmission Speed

1.152 Mbps (Baud Rate)


Time Division Duplex (TDD)

Speech Encoding

ADPCM / 32bit/s

RF Accessing

Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)


300 yards (line of sight, terrain dependent)

Headset Power Supply

Rechargeable Lithium 3.7 V/ 800 mAh 3.0 Wh

Charger Power Supply

AC / adapter: INPUT 110-40Vac

Charge Time

3 Hours

Operation Time

5 Hours

Normal Condition of Use

0 C to 40 C

Storage Temperature

-10 C to 50 C

No FCC License Required